Evaporation losses are today a source of great worry for people concerned with storage of highly volatile Organic Chemicals. Rising cost on the one hand and strict implementation of Environmental Laws on the other hand coupled with heightened public awareness has left them with no alternative but to find ways and means of controlling emissions.

Reducing (Controlling) Vapour Losses From Storage Tanks
-by S. Ramachandran

[ MTech Machine Design, IIT Bombay ]

Learn about Dynaglass VAPOLOCTM

In 1971, Dynamics Engineering the founder company of Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd, Singapore introduced Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite products to a wide range of industries. Some of these includes the petroleum, chemicals, marine and defence/ aerospace industry.

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Why Dynaglass VAPOLOCTM

Main benefits include:

• Built in GRE polymer Advanced Composite Material
• Pre-fab Honeycomb Sandwich Construction
• Quick-to-install, Strong and Unsinkable Deck
• Zero Maintenance – No Rust
• Up to 98% Vapor Retention


Primary benefits of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) equipment include:

• Durability (highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue)
• Lightweight
• High strength
• Rapid Installation
• Lower or competitive life-cycle cost
• High quality manufacturing processes under controlled environments

Compared with steel components, DYNAGLASS FRP typically weigh 50% less, can be erected twice as fast and have service lives that can be two to three times greater. Read Full Article.


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Dynaglass VAPOLOCTM is a cleaner and smarter solution as compared to the traditional IFR (Internal Floating Roof).
It can be used in tanks containing a variety of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.